why choose us?

One might ask, "Why take percussion lessons from Matthew Teck anyway?"

We will come to you! That's right! On your time and in your home! In today's busy, fast-paced world, many people would love the opportunity to take private percussion lessons from a professional instructor, but maybe they just don't have the time. Now, we know that it is impossible to make more time, but we can save you time. Let us tackle the traffic for you; let us use the gas; and let us help enrich your lives with the wonderful gift of music! Lessons with Matthew Teck will save you time and money!

Not convinced? Our instructors are seasoned, tried and true, road tested professional musicians that can put their finances where their hands are! Get it? Professional, likable, personable, clean-cut, uniformed and most importantly -- Christians! Our instructors respect that they are entering your home and understand that this could seem a little scary at first. Our instructors are sensitive to your needs and our instructors have the God-given talent to not only teach but lead in a positive way.

Still not convinced? Sign up for 3 months of lessons and receive 15% off!

why should i take lessons?

Great question! Some people think they can learn to play from watching Youtube.com videos. While this is a great reference tool, there is no substitute for learning from a private instructor. If the best way to learn was from watching TV, why do we send our kids to school and/or college? You'll always learn more and faster from a teacher, tutor or with a private instructor.

Researchers are providing us with an unprecedented understanding of how we think and how we learn. Now we know that music is a vital part of a complete education. Children can benefit greatly from making music. Studies have shown that drum programs attract students who might not otherwise participate in organized music education in the schools.

There is a direct correlation between improved SAT scores and the length on time spent studying the arts. College-bound seniors whod had music lessons scored 52 points higher on the verbal portion of their SATs and 37 points higher in math (89 points combined) than those without arts instruction.

Studies have linked active music making with better language and math ability, improved school grades, better-adjusted social behavior, and improvements in spatial-temporal reasoning.

what should i expect?

Nothing ordinary! Percussion Lessons with Matthew Teck are out of this world! Each and every lesson plan is tailored to the individual student and to top it off, we offer various options for you to take lessons; in our studio, out of the comfort of your own home or even online! It's that easy! By visiting MatthewTeck.com, you have already completed half of the process. Now all you have to do is make the right choice and sign-up!

Once you sign up, we will personally send you the Student Application. This application is to be completed before the first lesson. After reviewing this application, we will be better able to determine the lesson plan right for you. Our lesson plans are a combination of time-tested method books and personal resources.We will arrive at your home and have you playing like a pro in no time!

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