make-up lessons & drive/arrival policy

Make-up lessons are handled on a case-by-case basis and every effort will be made to accommodate the student. However, there is no guarantee for make-up lessons.

If a student cancels a lesson on the same day as the scheduled lesson, there will not be a make-up lesson. The student must call and cancel 24 hours before the lesson to obtain a make-up lesson.

If the instructor cancels the lesson at anytime there will always be a make-up lesson. Guaranteed!

If our instructor arrives at your home for a scheduled lesson, re-scheduled lesson or a make-up lesson and the student is not available or not home, the student will pay for the missed lesson at a rate of $45. No questions asked, no exceptions. If this payment is not paid before the next lesson, lessons with this student will be terminated.

There is absolutely no return on payments made for private percussion lessons from Matthew Teck at any time for any reason.


Lessons are offered weekly at regular reoccurring time slots. Tuition guarantees four lessons per month.

½ hour weekly - $95/mo (recommended ages 5-9)
45 minutes weekly - $135/mo (recommended ages 9+)
1 hour weekly - $170/mo (recommended advanced lessons)

Tuition is due in the last week of the month and pays forward for the next month.

A La Carte lessons are available at $60/hr.

Lessons provided in student's home add $25/mo for travel expenses.

Payment accepted via cash or check payable to Matthew Teck.

Instructor will provide lessons materials (CDs, sheet music, etc.)

Student does NOT need a drum set to get started, but they will need a snare drum or practice pad. Instructor will provide equipment during the lesson but student will be responsible for equipment to practice at home. We are glad to help you find what you need!


payment schedule